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The Kandui Team has a special focus on the identification and proactive solution, inherent in all importation activities, process optimization, quality of service and the quest for excellence in our products. Kandui does not work with catalogues, as we offer tailored solutions for our customer’s necessities, realizing an exhaustive market and tendency analysis, working with enthusiasm and initiative to guarantee the quality our customers deserve with the highest efficiency for most competitive prices. We are focussing our objectives and activities on the necessities of our customers, constantly analyzing our processes to maintain and enhance the quality of our products and our services. To maintain the high quality of our import goods, we have created a logistic department to pursue highly efficient and thorough quality control – AQL, SGS, Bureau Veritas or other – realized in four steps during the production process.Kandui Importaciones S.L. has all licenses necessary to add value to your activities. Production and transportation are streamlined to our customer’s deadlines with our proven logistic processes.

Our production is governed by an exhaustive and transparent quality control in all steps With a strict accomplishment of product regulations, obligatory and optional, we offer a responsible and profitable alternative. We believe in and apply values of sustainability, environment protection and social responsibility. We advice and comply with the legal regulations in the labelling and packaging (RoHS, WEEE, CE, Ecoembes, etc.)

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